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Advocacy, loyalty, and engagement articles for B2B growth marketers

B2C MarketingIndustry Insights

Website Conversion Rate: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Online Success

Understanding website conversion rate is crucial for online success. Learn how to calculate, types of conversions, factors affecting rates, and strategies for optimization. Improve your business growth today!

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 17, 2024
Customer Advocacy

Customer Testimonial Legality: A Complete Guide for Growth Marketers

Navigate the legal landscape of customer testimonials with this comprehensive guide for growth marketers. Learn key guidelines, risks, best practices, and future trends for testimonial legality.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 16, 2024
B2B MarketingCustomer Advocacy

Customer Testimonial Template: The Ultimate Guide for B2B Marketers

Discover the ultimate guide for B2B marketers on customer testimonial templates. Learn how to collect, craft, and leverage testimonials effectively for trust and influence in purchasing decisions.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 15, 2024
Customer LoyaltyCustomer Success

Customer Review Template: The Ultimate Guide to Gathering Valuable Feedback

Customer review templates are essential for businesses to gather valuable feedback efficiently. Learn how to create, implement, and analyze reviews for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 14, 2024
B2B MarketingCustomer Success

Customer Quote Template: The Ultimate Guide for Businesses

Creating a customer quote template is essential for businesses to streamline pricing communication. Learn how to design, customize, and optimize templates for professional quotes.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 13, 2024
B2B Marketing

How to Get Customers Using Twitter: A Comprehensive Guide for B2B Marketers

Twitter remains a powerful platform for B2B marketers to connect with potential clients, showcase expertise, and drive conversions. Learn proven strategies to attract and engage customers.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 12, 2024
B2B Marketing

How to Get Customers Using LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide for B2B Growth Marketers

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, engage with your target audience, and leverage advanced strategies to attract high-quality B2B customers on the platform.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 11, 2024
Customer Advocacy

Is It Illegal to Pay for Reviews? The Truth About Incentivized Feedback

Exploring the legality, consequences, and ethics of paying for reviews in the digital marketplace. Learn alternative strategies for boosting online reputation authentically.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 10, 2024
Customer LoyaltyB2B Marketing

How to Find Customers on Twitter: 7 Proven Strategies for B2B Growth Marketers

Discover 7 proven strategies to find and attract high-quality B2B customers on Twitter. Optimize your profile, use advanced search, leverage hashtags, engage in chats, build influencer relationships, share valuable content, utilize ads, and measure results for success.

Posted by Kevin Yun | April 9, 2024

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