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Loyalty program software for tech companies

LoyaltySurf rewards your users when they take action. Designed for B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies.

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Powering Loyalty

Grow user engagement with a loyalty and rewards program

Maintain customer loyalty and engagement

It can be challenging to keep customers coming back and engaged with your product, but building a loyalty program in-house can be expensive and time-consuming to set up and manage.

Leverage the power of personalized rewards

With LoyaltySurf, you can easily create and manage a customized rewards program that drives customer loyalty and engagement. Our no-code platform makes it simple to offer personalized rewards and incentives that keep your customers engaged.

Use Cases

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Replicate the success of popular B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies.


B2C and FinTech companies can offer bonus points, account credits, or financial bonuses.

Trip.com Loyalty Program

Earn 80 Trip Coins for every $100 spent.

Public.com Loyalty Program

Open an approved account and deposit funds to get a free slice of stock.

Robinhood Loyalty Program

Receive $10 when you deposit and maintain funds for at least one week.

Coinbase Loyalty Program

Watch a few videos about crypto and complete a quiz to earn tokens.

Acorns Loyalty Program

Make a purchase at one of 300+ brands and they'll invest a set amount or percentage of your purchase price directly into your Acorns Invest account.


SaaS companies can offer unlocked features, extra trial days, and increase in usage limits.

Mailgun Loyalty Program

Add a credit card to remove your account limit of 5 max sends and unlock more than 5,000 messages.

Box Loyalty Program

Upload a file and get +1 free trial day.

Heap Analytics Loyalty Program

Add the Heap badge to your website, and you get 20,000 free sessions per month.


B2B and Enterprise companies can offer gift cards to qualified leads who take a demo call.

Robin Demo Offer

Get a $100 gift card when you are one of the first 65 people to attend a demo.

Gorgias Demo Offer

Attend a demo, get a $50 gift card.

Pave Demo Offer

Access salary benchmark data by integrating with your payroll system and cap table.

Qualia Demo Offer

Attend a Qualia demo and get a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Metadata.io Demo Offer

Get a $100 gift card for taking a demo meeting with us.

*Examples shown do not represent LoyaltySurf customers.
Our Features

Meet the loyalty and rewards software designed to be built right into your product

Customizable rewards

Create a personalized loyalty program that rewards your users on any desired action or set of actions

Build your exact vision

Use our REST API, Zapier app, and library of no-code integrations to build the exact loyalty program you had in mind

Fast setup time

Say goodbye to weeks-long setup times, and get your entire loyalty program up and running in a day

Immediate ROI

Our software is designed to give you an immediate return on investment when you launch your loyalty program, and then some

Automated reward fulfillment

Set up automated gift cards, cash payouts, or account credits in just a few clicks. Use Zapier or webhooks to automate all other rewards.

Fully whitelabeled

For your customers, your loyalty program will look exactly as if you had built it from scratch to match your brand


Automate your entire loyalty program and rewards process from end to end

Use our direct third-party integrations, Zapier integration, or REST API to connect with your payment platform, CRM, or other important tools. Approve rewards automatically as soon as the criteria is filled, or award the incentives manually.

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Maximize your customer retention and engagement with a personalized rewards program

Set up your loyalty program with software that lowers your customer acquisition and retention costs and saves you gobs of time.

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