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Turn your users into a marketing force for your SaaS

LoyaltySurf is advocacy software that lets you reward users when they submit reviews, post on LinkedIn, create a video, and perform other advocate activities.

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Powering Advocacy

Reward your users with an advocate program

Leverage your existing user base

It can be challenging to get new leads and customers for your SaaS. Grow your marketing efforts by tapping into your existing customers through the power of word-of-mouth and social credibility.

Incentivize action through personalized rewards

With LoyaltySurf, you can easily create and manage a customized advocate program and reward users for performing different actions. Our no-code platform makes it simple to offer personalized rewards and incentives to keep your advocates engaged.

Use Cases

What's possible with LoyaltySurf

Reward any advocacy action and maximize word-of-mouth marketing. You can reward your users with gift cards, credits, or any custom reward.

$20 gift card
Submit a written testimonial
$15 gift card
Make a LinkedIn post mentioning us
$25 gift card
Submit a video testimonial (minimum 1-min)
$25 gift card
Submit a Capterra review
$25 gift card
Submit a G2 review
$15 gift card
Comment on a LinkedIn post and mention us
$50 gift card
Work with us on a case study
$10 gift card
Fill out a feedback survey
Our Features

Meet the advocacy software designed for SaaS businesses

Customizable rewards

Create a personalized advocate and loyalty program that rewards your users on any desired action or set of actions

Build your exact vision

Use our REST API, Zapier app, and library of no-code integrations to build the exact advocate program you had in mind

Fast setup time

Say goodbye to weeks-long setup times, and get your entire advocate program up and running in a day

Immediate ROI

Our advocacy software is designed to give you an immediate return on investment when you launch your program, and then some

Automated reward fulfillment

Set up automated gift cards, cash payouts, or account credits in just a few clicks. Use Zapier or webhooks to automate all other rewards.

Fully whitelabeled

For your customers, your advocate program will look exactly as if you had built it from scratch to match your brand


Automate fulfillment of your rewards

Use our direct third-party integrations, Zapier integration, or REST API to connect with your payment platform, CRM, or other important tools. Approve rewards automatically as soon as the criteria is filled, or award the incentives manually.

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Quickly launch your SaaS advocate program

Get your out-of-the-box advocate program with LoyaltySurf and drive more word-of-mouth growth with our software that saves you gobs of time.

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