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Grow your customer base by 10% every month with cost-efficient loyalty actions

B2C subscription businesses using LoyaltySurf’s loyalty program get new customers on autopilot with excellent ROI

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"Being able to work with Growsurf for our loyalty program gave us the opportunity to easily scale one of our lowest-cost acquisition channels. Setup didn't take a lot of time and we were able to generate a constant inflow through this channel. Furthermore we see the value of loyalty marketing for our brand-loyalty. Very happy with our collaboration."

Joli Seelen
Joli Seelen
Growth Manager at Wakuli
What’s possible with LoyaltySurf?

Grow your B2C subscription business with strategic loyalty rewards

Get more customers by offering them account credits, monthly discounts, gift cards, or cash payouts on qualified loyalty actions.

Here are examples of how B2C subscription customers are using LoyaltySurf:

Do something, get 20 credits. For every loyalty action you perform, we'll reward you with 20 extra credits.
Get $30 when you do something. We'll send you a $30 Amazon gift card!
Get $5 for each loyalty action you do.
Recruit 2 friends that purchase a credit, and earn 1 reward credit for yourself!
Earn $3 in account credits for each loyalty action.
Receive 1 month free for every loyalty action you perform
Invite friends and collect points to pay for your subscription. You'll both get 500 account credits for you and your friend.
Do something and get $60 in credits when they sign up for a Pro account!
No credit card required for trial. Cancel anytime.
Our Features

Explore what makes LoyaltySurf the perfect loyalty program solution for B2C subscription businesses

Easy reward automation
Simple reward automation
LoyaltySurf works silently in the background to automagically track loyalty actions by attaching on to your current user signup flow. No need to change the existing form and automations you already have in place.
Single Page Apps (JS, REST API)
reward automation
Fully automated rewards
Set your rewards on autopilot
Fully automate any type of reward in just a few clicks using our integrations.
You can always choose the people that receive rewards, fully automated or with manual approval.
Account credits (via webhooks or Zapier)
Credits, coupons, subscription discounts
Credits, coupons, subscription discounts
Gift cards
Cash payouts
b2c subscription loyalty reward
Custom loyalty portal
Copy/paste a few lines of code to embed a loyalty portal for your users
When your users are logged in to your web app, they can easily track their loyalty progress and see easy ways to share through a white-label loyalty portal that you can embed by pasting just a few lines of code.
No additional signup step is required from your users, as they will automatically see their loyalty and can start sharing immediately.
loyalty portal
Automate loyalty actions
Connect to your payment platform and LoyaltySurf knows when loyalty actions happen
LoyaltySurf connects to payment platforms like Stripe, so loyalty actions can be automatically recognized when a payment comes through. No coding required.
Stripe loyalty program
CRM + ESP integrations
Promote your loyalty program from your CRM or email service provider
Integrate your loyalty program with the marketing tools that you use for your subscription business, like your CRM and email service provider.
Loyalty emails
100% whitelabeled

The fact that you didn’t code your loyalty program will be a secret.

Automated rewards

Automate fulfillment or review and approve awards manually.

Built to be easy

Avoid bulky enterprise tools and enjoy clean UX.

Cuts loyalty program setup time from days to hours

Building in-house takes weeks. Other loyalty program software takes days. LoyaltySurf takes less than one day.

Save development resources

One year of LoyaltySurf costs less than what it takes for your dev team to build a loyalty program from scratch.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team and provide controlled access.

Campaign analytics

Get more insight into your loyalty marketing efforts than you've ever had before.

Excellent customer service

You can expect top-notch, responsive support from our team.

Anti-fraud system

LoyaltySurf blocks fraudsters and comes with a suite of anti-fraud tools to combat repeat offenders.

No credit card required for trial. Cancel anytime.

Tap into your customers for stand-out organic growth

Grow your customer base with a scalable loyalty program that sets up your B2C subscription business for organic success and excellent ROI

No credit card required for trial. Cancel anytime.

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