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About Us

LoyaltySurf is loyalty program software designed for B2C, FinTech, and SaaS businesses.

Built by the company behind GrowSurf, we have a long history of helping businesses grow through referral marketing. However, we consistently heard from our customers about their desire to reward their users for more than just referrals. That's why we developed LoyaltySurf - to provide a solution for tech companies looking to build and manage a comprehensive loyalty program.

We understand that product and engineering teams have unique needs and goals when it comes to building a loyalty program. That's why we've designed LoyaltySurf to be fast, efficient, and easy-to-use.

With our strong dedication to customer service, we are confident that LoyaltySurf can help you drive user engagement, retention, and ultimately, success.

Maximize your customer retention and engagement with a personalized rewards program

Set up your loyalty program with software that lowers your customer acquisition and retention costs and saves you gobs of time.

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