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How to Get More G2 Reviews: 13 Proven Strategies for SaaS Companies

Posted by Kevin Yun | Last updated Jul 11, 2024

As a SaaS company, your reputation on review platforms like G2 can significantly impact your growth and success. G2 reviews provide social proof, boost credibility, and influence potential customers' purchasing decisions. But how do you actually get more G2 reviews for your product?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore 13 proven strategies to increase your G2 reviews and leverage them for business growth. Whether you're just starting out or looking to boost your existing review count, these tactics will help you build a strong presence on G2 and stand out from competitors.

Table of Contents

  1. Why G2 Reviews Matter for SaaS Companies
  2. Set Up Your G2 Profile for Success
  3. Time Your Review Requests Strategically
  4. Leverage Email Campaigns
  5. Use In-App Prompts
  6. Incentivize Reviews (The Right Way)
  7. Harness the Power of Customer Success
  8. Create a Dedicated Landing Page
  9. Leverage Social Media
  10. Follow Up and Make It Easy
  11. Respond to All Reviews
  12. Integrate G2 Reviews into Your Product
  13. Host Review-Gathering Events
  14. Measure and Optimize Your G2 Review Strategy
  15. Conclusion

Why G2 Reviews Matter for SaaS Companies

Before diving into strategies, let's quickly recap why G2 reviews are so crucial for SaaS companies:

  • Social Proof: Positive reviews build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • SEO Benefits: G2 has high domain authority, helping your product appear in relevant searches.
  • Competitive Advantage: Strong reviews help you stand out in crowded software categories.
  • Product Feedback: Reviews provide valuable insights for product improvement.
  • Lead Generation: G2 can be a significant source of qualified leads.

Now, let's explore how to increase your G2 reviews and make the most of this powerful platform.

1. Set Up Your G2 Profile for Success

Before actively seeking reviews, ensure your G2 profile is complete and optimized:

  • Fill out all sections: Provide comprehensive information about your product, features, and use cases.
  • Add high-quality visuals: Include screenshots, videos, and your logo to make your profile visually appealing.
  • Keep information up-to-date: Regularly update your profile with new features, integrations, and company news.
  • Claim your profile: If you haven't already, claim your G2 profile to gain full control over its content.

A well-optimized profile not only attracts more reviews but also increases the likelihood of conversions from G2 visitors.

2. Time Your Review Requests Strategically

Timing is crucial when asking for G2 reviews. Consider these opportune moments:

  • After positive interactions: When a customer expresses satisfaction with your product or support.
  • Key milestones: When users achieve significant goals or hit usage milestones with your product.
  • Post-onboarding: Once new customers have had time to experience value from your solution.
  • Renewal periods: As customers prepare to renew their subscriptions, they're likely reflecting on your product's value.
  • Product updates: After releasing new features that have been well-received by users.

Avoid asking for reviews during periods of known issues or immediately after negative interactions.

3. Leverage Email Campaigns

Email remains one of the most effective channels for soliciting G2 reviews. Here's how to maximize its impact:

  • Segment your audience: Target satisfied customers who have been using your product successfully for a while.
  • Personalize your outreach: Use the recipient's name and reference specific ways they've used your product.
  • Keep it concise: Clearly explain the importance of reviews and how easy it is to leave one.
  • Include a direct link: Provide a link that takes users directly to your G2 review page.
  • Follow up: Send gentle reminders to those who haven't responded, but limit follow-ups to avoid annoying customers.

Here's a sample email template:

Subject: Your feedback matters! Share your experience with [Product Name] on G2

Hi [Customer Name],

We hope you're enjoying [Product Name] and the value it's bringing to your work. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and can help other businesses like yours make informed decisions.

Would you mind taking a few minutes to share your experience with [Product Name] on G2? Your honest review helps us improve and assists other potential users in understanding the benefits of our solution.

[Direct link to G2 review page]

Thank you for your support and for being a valued customer.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Company]

4. Use In-App Prompts

Leverage your own product to request G2 reviews:

  • Trigger based on usage: Show review requests to users who frequently engage with your product.
  • Use non-intrusive notifications: Implement subtle in-app messages or banners asking for reviews.
  • Time it right: Display prompts after users complete key actions or achieve success with your product.
  • Make it easy to dismiss: Allow users to easily close the prompt if they're not ready to leave a review.
  • Limit frequency: Avoid bombarding users with constant review requests.

5. Incentivize Reviews (The Right Way)

While it's against G2's policies to directly pay for reviews or offer rewards contingent on positive feedback, there are ethical ways to incentivize reviews:

  • Donation to charity: Offer to donate to a charity for each review received.
  • Entry into a prize drawing: Give reviewers a chance to win a prize, regardless of the review's content.
  • Exclusive content: Provide access to a whitepaper, eBook, or webinar as a thank you for reviewing.
  • Product credits: Offer a small credit or extended trial period for leaving a review (positive or negative).

Always be transparent that these incentives are for leaving any honest review, not just positive ones.

6. Harness the Power of Customer Success

Your customer success team is ideally positioned to gather G2 reviews:

  • Train your team: Educate customer success managers on the importance of G2 reviews and how to request them.
  • Identify opportunities: Look for moments of customer success or satisfaction to naturally introduce the idea of leaving a review.
  • Make it part of the process: Include a G2 review request in your customer success playbook at appropriate stages.
  • Provide templates: Give your team email templates and talking points for requesting reviews.
  • Track and reward: Consider making G2 review acquisition a KPI for your customer success team.

7. Create a Dedicated Landing Page

A dedicated landing page for G2 reviews can streamline the process:

  • Explain the importance: Clearly communicate why reviews matter to your company and other users.
  • Provide instructions: Offer step-by-step guidance on how to leave a G2 review.
  • Include social proof: Showcase existing positive reviews to encourage others.
  • Add a direct link: Make it easy for users to navigate directly to your G2 profile.
  • Optimize for search: Use SEO best practices so customers can find the page easily.

8. Leverage Social Media

Use your social media presence to encourage G2 reviews:

  • Share positive reviews: Highlight great reviews you've received to inspire others.
  • Create review campaigns: Run periodic campaigns focused on gathering G2 reviews.
  • Use video content: Create short videos explaining the review process and its impact.
  • Engage with reviewers: Publicly thank users who leave reviews to show appreciation.
  • Utilize LinkedIn: Given G2's B2B focus, LinkedIn can be particularly effective for review requests.

9. Follow Up and Make It Easy

Persistence and simplicity are key to increasing your G2 review count:

  • Send reminders: Follow up with customers who haven't responded to initial requests.
  • Provide multiple options: Offer various ways to leave a review (e.g., direct link, QR code, button in your app).
  • Simplify the process: Create a step-by-step guide or video tutorial on leaving a G2 review.
  • Address objections: Proactively answer common concerns about leaving reviews (e.g., time commitment, privacy).
  • Offer assistance: Provide a point of contact for users who need help with the review process.

10. Respond to All Reviews

Engaging with reviews encourages more users to leave them:

  • Thank reviewers: Express gratitude for both positive and negative feedback.
  • Address concerns: Respond constructively to critical reviews, showing you value all feedback.
  • Highlight solutions: If a review mentions an issue you've resolved, politely point this out.
  • Be timely: Aim to respond to reviews within 24-48 hours.
  • Stay professional: Always maintain a courteous and helpful tone, even with challenging feedback.

11. Integrate G2 Reviews into Your Product

Make G2 reviews a visible part of your product experience:

  • Add a reviews widget: Integrate G2's review widget into your product dashboard.
  • Showcase in onboarding: Highlight positive reviews during the user onboarding process.
  • Feature in newsletters: Include recent G2 reviews in your product newsletters.
  • Create a review wall: Design a dedicated section in your app to display G2 reviews.
  • Use review snippets: Incorporate short quotes from G2 reviews in relevant parts of your product.

12. Host Review-Gathering Events

Organize events specifically aimed at collecting G2 reviews:

  • Virtual review sessions: Host online events where users can leave reviews while getting product tips.
  • Review-a-thon: Run a time-limited campaign with a goal to gather a certain number of reviews.
  • Customer appreciation events: Combine review requests with events that provide value to customers.
  • Industry conference booths: If you attend trade shows, set up a station for leaving G2 reviews.
  • Webinar bonus: Offer a bonus (like extended Q&A) for webinar attendees who leave a review.

13. Measure and Optimize Your G2 Review Strategy

To continually improve your G2 review acquisition:

  • Track key metrics: Monitor review volume, sentiment, and conversion rates from G2.
  • Analyze successful reviews: Identify common themes in your most impactful reviews.
  • Test different approaches: Experiment with various messaging and timings for review requests.
  • Survey reviewers: Ask customers who left reviews what motivated them to do so.
  • Stay updated on G2 changes: Keep abreast of any updates to G2's policies or features.


Consistently gathering G2 reviews requires a multifaceted approach and ongoing effort. By implementing these 13 strategies, you'll be well on your way to building a strong presence on G2, enhancing your product's reputation, and driving more informed purchase decisions.

Remember, the key to success lies not just in gathering reviews, but in genuinely delivering value to your customers. Focus on creating an exceptional product and customer experience, and the positive reviews will naturally follow.

Start implementing these tactics today, and watch as your G2 profile becomes a powerful asset for your SaaS company's growth and success.

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